9 Ways How Not To Sell Your Fountain Hills Home

Fountain Hills home sellers are having a tough time selling with the  housing market being in shambles. Is it really the market or is it the home seller that keeps their house from getting sold? Often I hear, ” the market is so bad that homes just aren’t selling.” Or sadly enough “My house has been on the market for 280 days, and I haven’t had one offer!”  “Buyers aren’t buying homes is this economy” says another seller. Who’s to blame here, is it the market, home seller or Realtor?  I would say it’s a  little of all three, have an action plan and stick to it.  The truth is, your home will have no trouble attracting offers if it is price right for it’s condition and location, even in our present market conditions. In fact I have seen many Fountain Hills homes sell in a matter of days. Before you start playing the blame game, check out the 9 reasons you could be missing the boat.

1. Overprice it.. Especially in today’s market people want to pay over and above what your home is worth.

This is not the time to test the market..price it right, have your agent provide recent comparable sold comps ( within 3-6 months). YDon’t expect to get what you paid for if you purchased anytime after 2003.

2. Lackluster curb appeal.. make sure you leave kids toys out in front, and make sure the landscaping is  bare with lots of rocks and dirt.

First impressions mean everything, buyers know in a matter of seconds as they pull up to the curb whether they like it or not, don’t stop them dead in their tracks.

3. Don’t clean the house.. leave all those dirty dishes in the sink, and while your at it, don’t vacuum pet hair off carpets and furniture, or clean the kitty litter either.

Make sure every room in your home sparkles and de-clutter. buyers even look in closets and cabinets so don’t be stuffing them full. Get a portable storage unit, you will be moving eventually so why not pack some items away now instead of  later.

4. Green pool water..buyers just want to jump right in it is so inviting!

Hire someone to take care of your pool if you don’t have the time. No one wants to swim in a yucky pool!  A green pool gives the impression you haven’t taken care of it, EVER!

5. Don’t fix a thing..buyers like to do repairs.

Replace anything broken, handles on doors, torn carpet, broken tile, cover exposed wiring. Buyers will start deducting money off the list price immediately if your repairs are ignored. As a first choice, buyers prefer move in ready homes.

6. Paint in bold colors..I love it and so will the buyers!

If the walls are painted in bold colors, that is all the buyer will see. Your home should appeal to many buyers not just one or two..paint in neutral colors

7. Stalk the buyers.. follow them around the house, looking over their shoulder and talking excessively.

I know you love your home and want to show it off but now is not the time. If possible leave the house during showing, buyers like to take time to view your home in private and will only feel uneasy if you are home. If they have questions, they can be addressed through the real estate agents.

8. Show off your home with Crappy Pictures..  get a close up of the oven or the light fixture

Take pictures that really show off your home,  not take away from it. Consider hiring a professional photographer.  Buyers want to get a feeling of the flow of the home and room sizes, not objects. I have seen too many pictures of appliances, ceilings, toilets, save that for the showings

9. Haggle over $1000 dollars..I am not giving my house away!

When you are in negotiations  and you are so close to sealing the deal, don’t blow it over a few dollars. If the buyer walks you will have to start from square one again and there is no guarantee if will end up with any better results. If you think a buyer won’t walk away over a few bucks, think again!

and I could go on and on and on…but I think you get the point.

This is all in fun and I my intention is not to offend anyone…A sense of humor helps you get through tough times by looking outside yourself, laughing at the craziness and unexpected surprises of life, and overcoming obstacles.

If you looking to sell your Fountain Hills home and want a  Realtor who doesn’t sugar coat the obvious, call/text me at 480 888 6708 or email me for a quick response to your questions.

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