A Gem of a Trail in Fountain Hills Arizona

Looking for a quick hike without leaving town? The Lake Overlook Trail is the perfect hike to take with friends or family, where you can get a true sense of the beauty of Fountain Hills. The trail is short, only 1.7 miles long and has a few inclines but other than that, it’s pretty easy.  You can reach the trail across from Fountain Park on the east side of the parking lot where you will see the posted trail head sign. You’ll gradually climb along the homes to the top of the ridge where you have spectacular views of our famous fountain and the surrounding community. As you look to the south you can see Red Rock and the Goldfield Mountains. To the east is Four Peaks, look north and you see the Mazaltzals, and the McDowell mountains are to the west. Follow the trail and it will lead you out by the Diamante Del Lago community entry gate where you can pick it up again across the street and work your way back down to Panorama Drive. It is truly one of Fountain Hills hidden gems.

 Overlook Trail- Fountain Hills, AZ


There are so many great hikes near town that you might want to check out too. The McDowell National Park offers many great trails and if you are up for something challenging, try Sunrise Trail, just at the east end of Via Linda. Remember to bring lots of water and don’t hike the longer trails unless you are prepared and experienced. You can quickly become dehydrated in this heat without even knowing it.