Your Fountain Hills Home – Almost Perfect!

We’d all like to buy the perfect Fountain Hills home, unfortunately, it just doesn’t exist, even new homes have imperfections. That’s why it’s important to have your wish list in hand when looking for home. If you can get 90% of what you want I say, what are you waiting for!!!!

You’ll undoubtedly see the good, bad and the ugly!. Some will WOW you with staging or views and others you won’t be able to get out of fast enough. Hopefully you can see past all the obstacles and get down to the basics and ask yourself what does this home have to offer. Does the floor plan flow nicely? Are there views? How far is it away from your place of employment? What is the distance to your favorite restaurants? All these are important things to consider when purchasing a home.

Eagle Nests Home

What are you willing to compromise on becomes the big question? The common problem I see with buyers are they are focused too much on the number of bedrooms and baths and the cosmetic finishes of a house than location. Most everyone I meet wants a house with a view but views don’t come cheap in Fountain Hills!

Getting what you want in a home is important but you have to be willing to compromise. You can always change the paint, add granite counter tops, pull up carpet, etc., but you can’t change the location or the floor plan without a lot of work. If a home has that mountain or golf course view that you were looking for it may be worth taking a second look!

House hunting is all about getting a feel of a community and what is has to offer. Many buyers end up purchasing a home very different than what they had visioned. It make take weeks, months or even years but when you find that near perfect home, you’ll just know it’s right!

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Here are a few homes available for sale in Fountain Hills




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