Be Objective, No Matter What the Outcome

I just read this great blog post about being attached to the outcome of a transaction and thought how true that is. I find the best thing you can do for your customer is to be a objective with your opinions. Home-buyers and sellers depend on us to guide them through the real estate process. I know agents so desperate for a sale that they tell their clients anything, even if it is not in the best interest of their clients. When a client asks me for an opinion regarding  their purchase or sale, I will be honest and tell them what I think even if it may kill the deal. Either way, how ever the ball bounces my livelihood does not depend on the outcome of the transaction. A secret to being unattached to the outcome is that you tell yourself: I am still OK if they don’t buy or sell a home. I still can pay my bills. Life will go on and there will be other buyers and sellers.

I have a client who I’ll call Carol who just recently bought a condo here in Fountain Hills. She initially bought the property as an investment and at the same time help out a friend’s son. She also furnished the condo with the intention he going to rent it from her with the hopes of buying it in a couple years. Well it turns out he was totally irresponsible and he only lived there for a  month before he skipped town. Now Carol is stuck with an empty condo, full of furniture with no tenant. So when she came to me for advice, I could have easily said, “let’s list it for sale”, but I didn’t. I told her to try to rent it out and if things didn’t turn out like she planned we could then put it on the market. For me, it is all about helping my clients by giving an objective opinion so they can make the best decisions based on their needs, not mine.

I enjoy looking at homes and helping people with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lifetime but I won’t give my clients the wrong advice just to close a deal and get a commission check. When you are NOT depending on the  transaction, and more attached to helping your clients make the right decisions for them, it shows through… and you will gain more clients in the long run because of it.

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Source: Being Unattached to the Outcome written by Dave Robison

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