Buying a Fountain Hills Home Sight Unseen

Sometimes you have to move fast when purchasing a Fountain Hills home as the good homes can sell pretty quickly. If you live out of state that can be a problem. If you are planning a visit you probably already have been searching online for available homes for sale. You compiled a list of your favorites and slowly as the days go by they are falling off the list as they go under contract. Now you are wondering if there will be any good homes available when you arrive in Fountain Hills. Then you see your perfect home online..what do you do? Do you consider a purchase sight unseen?

Fountain Hills Home with pool

Most  home buyers follow the typical steps when  buying a house: Search the interent and find homes that interest you. Call a Realtor, visit the house to see what it looks like inside, put in an offer – and wait. But if you live out of state, that process won’t work.

When you live out of state or the country, the process works a little differently. First you call me and see if I’m someone you feel you can work with and trust. You need to do this step first because if you are thinking of buying a home without even viewing it in person, you need a skilled Realtor, someone you feel you can trust and  familiar with the community. Once you find a home you like I will then visit the home and take more  pictures and videos depending on what your requests are. We can even do facetime where you can walk through the home with me. I then consult with you on the phone about your options, terms of contract, strategies for making the offer stronger etc. At that time you make a decision whether you want to proceed and write an offer on the home, sight unseen. This nontraditional way of buying a home isn’t for everyone but can actually work out  beautifully! I have sold three homes this way and all went smooth. I am happy to give you the names of the people I helped to buy a home sight unseen, so you can hear about their experiences firsthand.

The first question home buyers usually ask in this situation is, will they lose their earnest money if they back out? Not if it is written in the contract correctly. I make sure I have a written stipulation in the contract that the home sale is contingent upon buyers viewing property. This may or may not be agreeable with the sellers and a lot can depend on how hot the property is, which is why you need someone experienced working for you!

You have the 10 day inspection/due diligence period from the date of acceptance to do your due diligence and perform a home inspection, termite inspection and any other inspections you may need. If during that time you are uncomfortable moving forward, you can cancel the contract for any reason.

What do you do when you see the  house and it is not what you thought? Can you get out of the contract? If fo some reason you feel the house is not for you, you may cancel for any reason during the first 10 days.

If you thinking about going this route make sure you get your financing in order, and call me. If you need lender recommendations,I can help you with that. If you are buying with cash you will need to have proof of funds in form of bank statements or a letter from your bank stating you have the funds to close. All this must be done prior to writing an offer.

Are you interested in learning more about buying a home sight unseen? Call/text 480 888 6708 or email me for more information and a quick response to your questions. See what some of my happy clients have to say about working with me.





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