Carefree AZ Sundial – Telling Time By The Sun

There was a time when developers in Arizona had to do something unique to lure prospective buyers to their then remote communities. For example, the “London Bridge” was moved to Lake Havasu City and an enormous fountain was built in Fountain Hills to draw attention to these new communities. K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington, the developers of Carefree, wondered how they would get people to drive through miles of vacant desert northeast of Phoenix to see their community in the middle of “nowhere”. The solution was the “Carefree Sundial”

The famous sundial has been bringing people to Carefree since 1959. Located in downtown Carefree,  The Carefree sundial, designed by architect Joe Wong and solar engineer John I. Yellott. It was erected in the Sundial Circle plaza in 1959 and is the “third largest sundial in the Western Hemisphere”. The sundial, which points to the North Star, is made from a steel frame and covered in anodized copper. It measures 90 feet in diameter. The metal gnomon, the shadow-casting portion of the dial, stands 35 feet above the plaza and extends 72 feet.

Carefree AZ borders Scottsdale, to the south and east, and Cave Creek, AZ. to the west. The Tonto National Forest borders Carefree on the north with rolling hills and desert terrain.

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