3 Tips for Selling Your Fountain Hills Home

Now seems like the perfect time to sell  your Fountain Hills home but you still have your doubts? With prices going up you think maybe you should wait a while longer. Don’t try to predict the market, If your ready to sell, go for it!

Here are 3 useful tips if you are looking to sell now.

1. Listing prices are just that..an asking price. No one knows exactly what you home will sell for but a pretty good indication would be what similar homes in your area have actually sold for in the past three months. Even six months ago the market was totally different. If you want to be aggressive with your pricing ask 10% what comparable homes have sold for. That in turn may attract more interest and get multiple offers that could push the price up.

2. If you absolutely must move soon and your home isn’t selling, consider offering a rent-to-own option or a seller carry-back. This would be an option if you own your home free and clear. If you don’t need the money to buy another home this would provide more money in your pocket than keeping money in a savings account,

3. Throw in a bigger commission to real estate agents so they’ll show it more often. I only suggest this if there some quirk with your home that may be keeping buyers away but once they see how great your home is, this slight issue will be overlooked by other great features. However keep in mind if your home is overpriced this will mostly likely not get your home sold. Also advertise that you are motivated seller and you will look at all offers, but mean it if you say it…

There is no reason your home should not sell if it is priced right and in showing condition. If you are realistic on the value of your home, you will be moving in no time.

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