Don’t Ignore the Summer Months, When Buying a Home!

It already feels like summer here in Fountain Hills with temperatures already in the 90’s. The snowbirds are gone, and it is pretty quiet around town. We have already had the frenzy of the winter home selling season and now the real estate market is slowing down for us. The good thing is people always need a place to live so homes come on and off the market continuously. The right time to sell or buy a home is when it is the right time for you. So just because it is summer, shouldn’t stop you from buying a home.


There are many advantages to buying in the summer months here in Fountain Hills.

Some of the reasons are:

1. Less Competition- Since this is our off season, and the temperatures can get pretty hot,  the real estate market is lukewarm. Most buyers are motivated to look in the hot months.

2. Better Prices- Historically homes are sold for a lower price per square foot  during the summer months so you can usually get a good buy!

3. More Motivated Sellers- If a seller lists in the summer, usually they can’t or don’t want to wait, therefore they are pretty serious about selling it.

4. Less Competition-You aren’t competing with our winter visitors who can drive up prices by paying with cash.

5. Ugly Ducklings- Homes still sitting on the market after the winter usually were listed too high and have had many price reductions. Hopefully at this time the seller is more motivated to sell.

So don’t let our summer heat scare you away from making that home purchase. If the time is right, just do it!

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