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5 Good Reasons To List Your Home During the Holidays

The holidays can actually be a great time to put your home on the market. If buyers are out looking during the holidays,more than likely they are serious and usually need to make a move quick. It can also be a great opportunity for tax purposes to get your home under contract and closed by the end of the year. Here are 5 advantages to selling your home […]

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fountain hills pool home

Should I Buy a Home Without a Pool?

As of today there are 26 homes for sale in Fountain Hills priced under $300,000. This is quite a few and out of the 26 only 2 have private pools. Not all buyers want a pool but for resale value in our area, I always suggest you buy a home with a pool , they always seem to sell faster. Sellers whose homes don’t have a pool […]

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market conditions in 2014

Phoenix Market is NOT in a Slump!

Forget everything you are hearing about our Phoenix real estate market being in a slump.Yes things have slowed down from the previous couple years but don’t freak out, the market is just becoming balanced! At the beginning of 2014 we started off with lots of  inventory and now it seems we are coming up short on new listings which should hopefully increase come fall. We are just […]

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fountain hills market update aug

Fountain Hills Market Update Aug 1 2014

There is never a dull moment in real estate as it changes daily!  We have been in a very subdued market lately and now we are seeing things turn again.   Some sellers have been getting gloomier as the realization sets in that 2014 is very different from 2013. However the worst time for sellers looks like it is in the rear view mirror for […]

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Fountain Hills Rental market is on the rise

Housing Inventory Dwindling Again

I can’t seem to keep up, just as soon as I do my quarterly market update saying there is more inventory than last year at this time I read today that the market index popped back into the neutral zone (90 to 100) today with a reading of 90.2., is housing inventory dwindling again? What does this mean?  If the market index goes above 100, the market favors […]

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Is Selling FSBO a Good Idea?

I understand why people want to try to sell their home “for sale by owner,” everyone likes to save a buck or two by not paying a commission but selling a home is not as easy as you think. The average person sells a home every 7 years so it’s not something you do every day, but if you are determined to try it, here are a few […]

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What’s Your Fountain Hills Home Worth?

Generally speaking, Inventory is still increasing all over the valley and  buyer demand is lower than normal. In most years the demand in March is far too strong for active listings to increase but not this year. Usually once the spring buying fever eases, usually sometime in June, active listings start piling up again and continue increasing until the end of November. The fact that […]

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Fountain Hills Housing Market

Balanced Market to Buyer’s Market

The change from a balanced market to a buyer’s market that occurred exactly one month ago has now settled in firmly. These stats are for the Phoenix Metro area as a whole, even though Fountain Hills shows different stats, overall these are the market conditions throughout the valley. Market Index- Balanced Market is 100, Below 100 is a Buyer’s Market, above 100 is a Seller’s Market […]

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Don’t Trust a “Zestimate!” Computers Don’t Sell Homes!

If you’re like many Fountain Hills home sellers what’s the first thing you do when you are trying to determine the value of your home? You go to Zillow, enter your home’s address and view the zestimate. Ok so you are either totally bummed because the price is way lower than you expected or you are jumping for joy because it’s much higher, either way the […]

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Fountain Hills Housing Market

Fountain Hills Real Estate- Finally a Balanced Market!

Where is the market  headed? To understand the direction the housing market is  headed you have to understand the 8 market indicators and what they mean. These indicators  tend to fall like dominoes in a deteriorating market and recover in the same sequence in an improving market. The first 6 indicators have already shown us that the real estate market for sellers has really deteriorated […]

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