Fountain Hills AZ-Don’t Feed The WildLife!

Bobcats, coyotes and javelinas are common visitors to Fountain Hills. If you happen to come across one of these animals in your yard there is no reason to be alarmed unless your pet is close by. There have been more and more stories I am hearing about pet dogs and cats being stalked and even eaten by coyotes or bobcats. The reason this is happening is because your neighbors are most likely feeding the wildlife which  makes the animals feel more comfortable around humans. Although you may enjoy seeing a bobcat at a distance but when you start feeding them you are sending mixed messages.Arizona Game and Fish usually does not remove animals unless it is a human health or pet issues, so attacking pets is not something they will usually look into unfortunately. If you see or know a neighbor feeding the Fountain Hills widlife please let them know the dangers of doing so. If they still continue to feed the animals you can report them to the Arizona Game and Fish Confidential Operation Game Thief hotline at 800 352 0700.

Javelina’s eat lush vegetation and many flowers and succulent plants so they won’t be attacking your dog unless they feel cornered  when protecting their young  or when they hear or smell a dog. Defensive javelina behavior may include charging, teeth clacking, or a barking, growling sound. Dogs and coyotes are predators of the javelina.

As far as  the coyotes and bobcats, it’s the  cats and smaller dogs that are at the greatest risk of attack as they are easy prey. Things you can do to keep your pets safe  is to not let your pet use a doggie door. Always accompany your pet in your yard, an eight foot wall is no obstacle for a bobcat or coyote. If  you happen to come across a coyote or bobcat in your yard, make loud noises, wave your hands or a large stick, or you can use a super-soaker loaded with 10% ammonia solution on animals that refuse to leave. Keep it loaded and by your back door so you always have it handy.

Fountain Hills is a beautiful place to live and the residents love living among the wildlife but if you are going to live here PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE !!!!

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