Fountain Hills Condos- Buy Now in the Low Season!

Shopping for a Fountain Hills condo?  Summer is a cooling time, and I don’t mean as in the weather but as in real estate. Fountain Hills single family homes still tend to still sell rather quickly at this time of year but the condo market slows considerably. The reason being, our peak season is Jan-April and our population dwindles in the summer months. Condos are a popular housing choice with out winter visitors and by the time May rolls around most of the winter visitors have let Fountain Hills. Condos are popular option because they offer the enjoyment of easy living, with a low maintenance lifestyle. A condo can be the perfect getaway, affordable, no pool to maintain, no outside chores to do, just lock and leave. Get more details on the condo pictured below here.

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At this time of year there are plenty of Fountain Hills condos to choose from for your second home. The good thing about buying off season are you don’t have the competition that you do in the spring. Condos tend to stay on the market a little longer so you aren’t rushed to make a decision, Also sometimes the prices are a little lower as seller’s are trying to capture a smaller pool of buyers.

As of today there are 89 condos/town-homes/villas on the market ranging from 700 to 2700 square feet, priced from $90.000- $554000, just waiting for a new owner. Why not plan a quick trip to Fountain Hills now before the market really heats up.

I live and work in Fountain Hills and I absolutely love it! I would love to share my knowledge of this unique community and all it has to offer. Feel free to call or email me anytime to get more info about the place that I love to call home!

Take a look at some of the available condos for sale  in Fountain Hills





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