Fountain Hills Home-Sellers,Time to Face Reality

marketing planWhen I hear Fountain Hills home-seller’s say “Well,I really don’t have to sell”, or I’m not giving my home away” the first question that enters my mind is, “So why are you putting your property on the market”? Fountain Hills home-sellers need to face reality! Know the facts up front and make a commitment to get your home sold and remember, the Realtor you hired works for no compensation until your home closes escrow so take that into consideration when you are deciding if you are a serious home-seller or just testing the market.

Take into account the amount of time and expense that is required for a Realtor to advertise your home for sale to potential buyers along with preparing a marketing plan and putting together a comparable market analysis of recent sale activity to determine a value of your home. This is the same data that most buyers, buyer’s agents and appraisers will use to determine a fair market value for your home. If your home offers fantastic mountain views, large square footage, upgrades galore, that should all figure into the asking price but should still fall within the price range of recent closed sales. Don’t think for a minute that because you added $50,000 of updates you will get that back dollar for dollar, it just doesn’t happen.

Also home sellers get frustrated when they can’t get ” their price.” A home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it so it’s best to have some flexibility. If you receive an offer that you think is too low and the comparable sold homes justify that, don’t get mad, just move on but only after seriously taking the time to review the offer. You don’t want to jump to quick to disregard what could potentially be a very good offer. That is how negotiations work, it is a give and take and buyers are wanting a good deal as much as you. See if you can work with the offer and come to a mutual agreement. Buyers are usually well informed with all the real estate data supplied over the internet and have a pretty good idea of home prices before they ever hit the pavement. Plus if they are working with a Realtor, homes that have recently sold that are similar to yours will be reviewed before they even place an offer on your home.

Fountain Hills home-sellers have a tendency to chase the market rather than be in front of it. Why keep reducing the price when you can just price it right to begin with. If your home is perceived as a good value  you could possibly end up with multiple buyers bidding on your home. Do yourself and your agent a favor, price your home competitively, make it sparkle and you should have no problem getting a fair price for your home. This is not the time to test the market. If you can’t afford to face the real value of your home, then you shouldn’t try to sell  and waste everyone’s time.

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