Fountain Hills – Monsoon Has Officially Arrived!

An massive wall of dust that tumbled across the Valley during a monsoon storm leaving so much dirt behind on the ground and in the air, not only clogging up pools, and covering vehicles it also prevented pilots approaching Sky Harbor International Airport from seeing the runways a day later.

It spawned a 100- to 150-mile-wide plume of dust more than 5,000 feet high, moving at 50 mph to 60 mph from northwest Tucson along Interstate 10 through the Valley before petering out in Yavapai County, according to Elizabeth Padian, a National Weather Service spokeswoman.

National Weather Service recommends these tips for motorists:
• Pull vehicle off to the side of the road as far as safely possible
• Put vehicle in park and turn all lights off (you don’t want other drivers to follow you, thinking you are still moving)
• Set emergency brake and take foot off brake pedal to be sure tail lights are not illuminated
• Don’t enter storm if you can avoid it

If vehicle cannot be safely pulled to the side of the road:
• Turn on vehicle lights
• Proceed at a speed suitable for visibility
• Occasionally sound vehicle horn
• Use painted center road line to help guide you
• Look for a safe place to pull off the road
• Never stop on the traveled section of the roadway
• Don’t enter storm if you can avoid it

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