Fountain Hills Rental Prices are on the Rise!

Fountain Hills Rental prices are on the rise and there is not enough affordable single family homes available for rent. This is the strongest rental market we have ever seen. Back in 2013 the experts were reporting that investors buying up single family homes were predicting tenants would be hard to find and investors would want to quickly want to dump the homes back on the market leaving us with a large inventory of homes. Well they were wrong, and now we are seeing a very high demand for single family rentals. Tenants are having a hard time finding rentals and we are hitting an all time low in inventory. We now have just 493 single family active rental listings on the multiple listing service priced under $1,200 a month, two years ago we had 2,326. We have never seen such a shortage of affordable single family rental homes in the Greater Phoenix area.

Supply and Demand in Real Estate

At this time, we have a 25 day supply of homes available for rent between the price point of $1,200 and $2,000 per month and over $2,000 we have a relatively generous 85 days of supply this is a drop of 79% since 2013.

Long term rentals in Fountain Hills are very scarce with only 54 single family homes for rent with the lowest price being $1595 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home 1575 sq ft, up to $3495 a month for a home that is 2500 sq ft with 4 bedroom,s and 3 baths.

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See some of our available Fountain Hills homes priced under $400,000 where you could easily get $1700-2000 a month in rental income.

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