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This Market Analysis is a range estimate of what your home may be worth in today’s market.

Fountain Hills Housing Market

Four things will help me determine the price of your home: Location, Size, Age and Condition. Once I verify the tax records I will know where your home is located, the size and age of the home. Until I see your home, I don’t really know what kind of condition it is in. As a real estate professional, I cannot give you an exact listing price on your home unless I have seen the inside, only then am I able to compare yours to other homes that are currently for sale or have recently sold in your neighborhood.

If you are just curious about your home’s value, and not quite ready to sell then a general price range should be adequate for you. However, if you are truly interested in selling your home, you really need a much more accurate opinion of price. To get this, please call 480 888 6708 or email me to schedule an appointment to come see your home. It will take me approximately 1 hour to view your home, go over my market analysis and explain what I can do for you to get your home sold!

If you would prefer a neutral third-party opinion, I recommend you order a home appraisal from a licensed Certified Appraiser with 23 years experience. Contact Mike at 480 292 1882 appraisals STARTING at $250. ( under 2000 sq ft, if larger sq ft please call for quote)

If your name is different from the one listed on the  tax records you should let me know why. This will prevent someone who doesn’t own your home requesting a free valuation report. Believe me when I tell you this happens more than you think!

What is My Home Worth?

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