Golf with Flying Discs?

Disc Golf in Fountain Hills this weekend Friday March 1 – Sunday March 3 2013

What is Disc golf? This is where players use a flying disc, or a Frisbee instead of balls. The sport was formalized in the 1970’s, the object is to complete each hole with the least number of throws. The hole in this game is called a Pole Hole which is an elevated metal basket.

This challenging disc golf course meanders its way around Fountain Lake with a decent amount of elevation change, rolling hills, trees and lots of water! You’ll have to dodge plenty of walkers, joggers and other people enjoying the park while playing but the scenery is hard to beat with panoramic mountain views and the large fountain. Many of the holes closely border the lake so you might want to consider bringing  extra discs and If you’re not an experienced player, floating discs are a must.

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