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 105 reviews
 by Rich Stuka

We used Patti Irwin as our realtor to sell our home, purchase our forever home and purchase an income property through an exchange.
Patti is very professional and thorough. She is also patient and understanding as it took a year to find our perfect home.
What we love about Patti is she has no “assistant’s” When you have questions, it is Patti who answers the phone or e mail. We also like that she has great inspectors for your home, pool or roof. She is a seasoned realtor who will take care of you.
We have referred Patti Irwin to our friends as we know she will take care of them.


Thanks so much Rich. It's been great working with you and Nancy. Looking forward to helping you on your next 1031 exchange.

 by Michael Wahle

I first contacted Patti two years ago about homes in Fountain Hills. I was out of state at the time and investigating relocating.

She was very pleasant and very hands on. I had contacted other realtors and they just seemed to want to sell a house without understanding exactly what I was looking for.

She took the time to explain the different areas in the town, the different types of homes that were there etc ..

The time to actually move didn't happen for another 1.5 years but she did occasionally send emails checking of my status and if I was still looking etc .. I had every intention of getting down here, it's just that sometimes timing is everything.

I finally did move down here, and was in an apartment to start with. I kept an eye on the available homes in the area but with the cost of the houses and the high interest rates, I just was not happy with the monthly mortgage I would have to pay.

After being here for 6 months, A place popped up on the radar that I really liked and the price was where it needed to be as well for the payment I was willing to make.

I contacted Patti on a Monday, she showed me the place Tuesday afternoon, I made an offer and that offer was accepted Tuesday night. Funny thing was, that after she showed me the house and I made the offer, she said she already had all my paperwork filled out and that I can go back an sign the offer sheets etc ...

I felt that Patti was very responsive and honest through the whole process and I am very grateful that she periodically just kept in touch with a random email here and there. Sometimes I just have to take my time and be patient for the right opportunity to come along. Thankfully Patti was very understanding on how I operate.

Highly recommend this realtor!

Hi Michael, Thanks so much for your kind words. We found you a great home and I can't wait to see what you have done with the new place. See you soon!

 by Samantha M

Patti and Mike are truly exceptional in their field. Their in-depth knowledge of the markets and our long standing relationship has made my experience with them truly exceptional. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Thanks for your kind words, hope to see you soon!

 by Nancy and Ron Shiflet

We got an excellent referral to Patti, and fortunately, we followed that advice! We had never met her before, but she always treated us and our property as though we were friends and neighbors. She is very knowledgeable, and when she told us she would do something or when to expect something, she followed through. She took care of business even in our absence, and was trustworthy and careful to work in our best interests.
Ron and Nancy Shiflet
Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for putting your trust in me! I'm glad everything went smoothly. Good luck in your new place!

 by Cindy Salstone

I was very fortunate to get Patti’s name from a friend as she immediately starting working on finding properties that suited our specific needs. Her professional and friendly manner, along with her extensive knowledge of the Fountain Hills market is an added bonus. Both her and Mike would walk through the properties, make note of any hidden issues or items that might need to be updated or brought to code by licensed individuals/companies. Patti and Mike have a practical and straight-forward approach when it comes to bidding on properties. During negotiations with the seller’s agent, they have the expertise in writing contracts that benefit you as the buyer and I’m confident they could do the same as the seller’s agent. When we did finalize the purchase, Patti and Mike graciously shared their list of local trades people that they’ve worked with over the years. The best part was they made us feel like friends and I would whole-heartedly recommend them for buying or selling your home!

Thanks so much Cindy. It was great working with you and Bob!

 by Nicole Heinrich

I've known Patti and Mike for many many years and I know them both to be trustworthy, reliable and fun! A great couple of realtors I highly recommend them.

So sweet to say that, thanks so much Nicole!

 by Chris

Patti worked very hard to sell my mom’s house. She was willing to facilitate any services I needed done, conducted many showings, and kept me updated throughout the process. She is also very kind—selling a home can be sad for many reasons. Patti understands that and does her best to practice empathy along with good business.

Thanks Chris, It was a pleasure helping you with the sale. I know it was emotional for you but you did great. Thank you for putting your trust in me.

 by Justin Lipstien

Patti was extremely helpful from start to finish. As someone trying to move from NY to AZ, Patti really stepped up beyond the call of duty to be there for me through every step of the way even when I was not able to be physically present. I would recommend Patti to anyone looking to purchase a new home in the area.

Thanks so much Justin! Much happiness to you here in Az and enjoy that lovely home!

 by Jacquie Bird

We could not be more pleased with Patti! After the seller had the condo on the market with another agent for a year. Minimal showings, horrible pics, no open houses and no marketing of the condo. I found Patti online. Patti had multiple offers within two months and it is now SOLD! As a realtor in Missouri, I knew what to look for that the other agent did not do. I highly recommend using Patti if you are looking for a realtor in AZ. She knows what she is doing and does it very well! Thank you, Patti! I will refer all my AZ customers to you.

Thanks so much Jacquie. It was a pleasure working with your family. Thanks for the referral!

 by Rich and Nancy Stuka

We used Patti lrwin as our realtor to find our forever home. It was during the crazy home buying time. Homes going $100k over asking. We put in several offers which were not accepted. We worked with Patti
for a year and finally found the perfect home. Even Patti knew when she saw the home come on the market she told us we need to go see it right away. What we love about Patti is she has no "assistant's" When you have questions, it is Patti who answers the phone or email. We also like that she has great inspectors for your home,pool or roof. She is a seasoned realtor who will take care of you.

You guys are the best! Such a pleasure to work with you both. Glad we finally found you a great home, the best of the bunch!

 by Brian Yampolsky- Orion Mortgage

As a mortgage Broker, I get to work with a number of different real estate agents. Patti is the type of agent I would place at the top of the list because she has a great combination of years of experience plus a nurturing approach to representing her clients. If you need a great agent who knows her stuff, Patti is the one 🙂


Thank Brian, you're the best! I can always count on you!

 by Todd McWha

Patti did an excellent job finding the house we needed. She never gives up. She’s always prompt and I was able to reach her when needed and she finishes matters up in a timely manner. Highly recommend her whether you are a seller or a buyer. She also has a lot of contacts with other realtors inspectors and any and everything you need for a house.

Thanks so much Todd. We have been searching for the right home for a few years now and the timing was just right on this one. It's a great investment for you!

 by Marsha and Ron Johnson

Patti Irwin was sensational handling our sale. From start to finish, she kept us informed and provided incredibly timely personal service. As first time sellers, her guidance during the process was enjoyable and stress free. We enjoyed Patti as a professional and as a friend and we would recommend her to anyone and will call her when we are ready to buy again in Arizona.

You both are two of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you both. Looking forward to seeing you again when you are back in town.

 by Nancy and Rich Stuka

Would definitely recommend Patti, we had a great experience.

Thank so much, it was great working with you and Rich.

 by Mitch Honeywell

Patti was not only highly effective, knowledgeable and resourceful, she is also genuine and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Patti for your real estate transactions.

Thanks for the kind words, Mitch. I look forward to seeing the place after the remodel.

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