Home Buying Process- What’s First?

In the home buying process, what’s first, is a question I get asked many times. In today’s real estate market it is important to make sure you follow the right steps to home buying. Most buyers do things backwards, looking at homes first before getting a pre qualification for a loan. It’s always a good idea to search for homes online first, to get familar with the housing inventory and the neighborhoods, but not getting a a pre- qualification from a lender is a step you don’t want to skip. Getting a pre-qual here in Arizona is a little bit more involved than just talking to a lender on the phone. The loan officer will not only want to see paystubs, tax returns, income verification but will also check your credit so they can let you know what amount of money the bank is able to loan you. This process could take up to 24 hours depending on how quickly you can get them all the paperwork, so getting this done first is crucial to you getting the home of your dreams. Also our real estate contracts require the pre-qual form to be presented with the purchase contract, so not having one can delay the presentation of an offer. Personally, I won’t even show homes without one. Our real estate market here in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale and many other parts of the valley moves really fast so you want to be prepared. I work with many reputable lenders that I can refer you to if needed, so don’t hesitate in letting me help you get started. You can easily reach me at 480 888 6708 for more information.

Home buying process in Fountain Hills

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