How to “Summer-ize” Your Fountain Hills Vacation Home

Fountain Hills Arizona is a prime area for second home owners looking to escape from the harsh winters up North, but  eventually the time comes to return to your roots and  “Summerize” your winter home. There are certain steps that a homeowner should do if you are leaving your home unoccupied during the summer months.

1. Set your thermostat for your air-conditioning system to automatic, between 88-94 degrees. If you have not had your HVAC system serviced within the last 12 months, now is the time to do it before leaving town. Any  Artwork,  fine wine,  or even an alarm system could be damaged in hot weather.

2. Make sure the automatic timer for your yard irrigation system (drip systems and sprinkler heads), is working properly. If your timer is battery-operated, make sure to replace the batteries. You don’t want to come home to a yard full of dead plants at the end of summer!

3. Flush all toilets and run all faucets for a few minutes. Then, turn off the water at the main valve if it does not control irrigation. However, if the main water valve controls the yard irrigation, then turn off water at all of the water valves, including the clothes washers and toilets. These are the areas most likely to leak.

4. Empty out your refrigerator, turn it off, uplug and prop the door open.

5. Turn off and unplug all electronics and appliances including computers, tvs, lamps, etc. Monsoon and end-of-summer lightening storms can sometimes damage plugged in appliances and electronics.

6. Close all exterior doors, windows, shades and curtains to keep cool air in and leave all interior doors open so that air can circulate through the house.

7. Unplug the garage door opener.

8. If you have a pool, hire a dependable pool service contractor to provide regular scheduled service while you are away. The costs for repairing a neglected pool far out weigh the cost of regular service.

11. Have one final pest treatment before you go. The last thing you want to come back to in the winter is a home full of critters!

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