9 ThingsThat are Easily Overlooked When Buying a Home!

When purchasing a home  in Fountain Hills or the surrounding communities, your lifestyle plays a huge part in determining how happy you will be with your choice. Home buyers in general often know the number of bedrooms and baths they want however not much thought of functionality is actually considered until after you move in.

It is easy to fall in love with a home on first sight and to overlook the little things that really matter to you. Initially all you see are the granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, great bathrooms, and the inviting pool, everything else seems to go out the window. What you really need to think about is if this home fits your lifestyle. Does it really have the things you need not just want.  You don’t want to be spending money on remodeling your first year.

Here are 9 things that could easily be overlooked when buying a home.

1. Kitchen: Is there enough counter space to prepare meals. Are there enough cabinets and are they tall and wide enough. Do you need a pantry?
2. Privacy: Are the bedrooms far enough from the common living areas to give you some quiet time?
3. Bathrooms: Where are the bathrooms located? I have seen some directly off the common living areas or kitchen.
4. Closets: Are there enough closets and are they big enough? Do you need a linen closet in the bathroom?
5. Exposure: Do you hang out on the back porch in the summer. Buying a home with North /South exposure may work the best for you.
6. Neighbors: You won’t actually know much about your neighbors at first but talking with them and asking them questions about the neighborhood, schools, etc can give you a pretty good idea if you want to be living next to them.
7. Outside Access: Can you access the patio from the kitchen? It may be important if you grill out a lot or want to go to the pool.
8. Lighting: Is the home overall dark or does the sun shine in? You can always adjust the indoor lighting but unless you do some remodeling you may be stuck with a dark home.
9. Air Conditioning: Some homes have the air conditioning unit on the roof, can be more expensive if you need to replace it.

Think about what do you have now that you can’t live without? What are the deal killers that would keep you from buying a particular house? There is never a perfect house but if it has the majority of what you are looking for, I would say go for it!! If you need to visit a home several times before you purchase then do it!

I suggest you make a list consisting of must have’s, preferred and wishes. Your desires may change as your home search continues as nothing is written in  stone, but a list will keep you focused on what is important.

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