“Love in the Hills” What a Beautiful Day!

One of the many reasons I love Fountain Hills is because it’s so unique offerings. Besides our town’s centerpiece of our famous fountain, we host two of the largest art fairs around,  the only Thanksgiving parade in Arizona and the hashknife pony express joyfully rides through our town every year. So it only seems appropriate to add another unique event to our town’s venue.

This Valentine’s Day we celebrated with”Love in the Hills.”  This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post I wrote about “Love in the Hills” where hundreds of couples showed up to renew their vows. One of the highlights for me is when they announced the winning couple “who had been married the longest” turns out it was for 77 years, imagine that!! Hoping to break the Guinness Book of World Records of 1086 couples, we are patiently waiting to hear.

Update: the most accurate count was 762, many couples participated without registering…So we will try to break the world’s record next year, same time, same place.


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