Real Estate is Real Estate,The Names Just Change

Real estate is an asset wherever you are and that never changes, but other aspects of the job do.

When I moved to Fountain Hills from the suburbs of Chicago the real estate landscape was very different. I had to learn the lingo as you might say, something may mean the same . just called a different name . It’s also an education for out of state home- buyers too as they try to grasp the similarities of the real estate market.

In the Realtor database, known as the Multiple Listing Service,  they have a category called apartment style flats, How odd, why not just call it condos? Another category that is confusing are patio homes which  can be a single family home, gemini home or townhome.

Another hurdle that I had to overcome was learning  all about  the HOA’s. In Illinois we had very few master planned communities where I lived. The only HOA’s I had ever come in contact with were condo complexes . We also had FHA approved condo buildings which is a rarity here in Fountain Hills.

Radon was common in the Chicago area since most homes had basements. Older homes built before 1978 were in abundance so lead paint was prevalent and termites weren’t  something you really had to worry about.

Refrigeration is another name for air conditioning , and a furnace is a heating element. I also find it strange that natural gas isn’t offered in most parts of Fountain Hills, but you can find in subdivisions like FireRock Country Club and Eagle Mountain.

Interesting in purchasing real estate in Fountain Hills or the surrounding areas. For quick answers to your questions you can contact me at 480 888 6708 or email me regarding  Fountain Hills, neighborhoods, price trends, short sales, etc. I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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