Say Goodbye to Fountain Hills Snowbirds

Snowbirds in Fountain Hills AZAhhh. ..back to peace and quiet in Fountain Hills. It seems like the majority of snowbirds, affectionately called by most folks have pretty much left for the summer. I enjoy having our winter visitors here as it helps our economy, and they add a vibrancy to our small town.  The increase in populations keeps the golf courses busy and  the restaurants full.

As far as Snowbirds go, I spend a lot of time working with home-buyers looking for that perfect winter home where they can kick back and relax. This is the busiest time in the real estate for me since the majority of my buyers are snowbirds, so I welcome them with open arms.

My husband and I live in the La Strada condo complex where there are 60 units and only 20 are occupied by full time residents. The community pool is virtually empty in the summer with only an occasional visitor. The Safeway grocery store across the street is less crowded and the traffic is light…I have to say I love the peace and quiet of the summers.

Don’t get me wrong , we love our winter visitors, and I want to say thank you for making Fountain Hills your part time home, you help our economy thrive in this tough times.and we really do appreciate you!! …Just for fun you might want to check out the snowbird-field-guide and see what kind of bird you are.

Interested in making Fountain Hills your part time home? For quick answers to your questions you can contact me at 480 888 6708 or email me regarding  Fountain Hills, neighborhoods, price trends, short sales, etc. I’ll get back to you ASAP




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