7 Steps to Sell You Fountain Hills Homes Quickly!

Fountain Hills AZ Homes for SaleIn a hurry to sell your Fountain Hills home? Here’s how to make sure you give yourself the opportunity to snag the best price in shortest amount of time.

1. You have to  undercut the competition – In order to unload your home fast, you’re going to have to dip 5% to 10%  below what comparable homes in your neighborhood recently sold for. This can get you a quick offer and possible multiple buyers bidding for your home.

2. Small fixes can have the biggest impact – You may not have the time or money to redo the kitchen, so focus on cosmetic improvements such as painting, changing old hardware on cabinets, cleaning carpet, and decluttering. Make sure your home is sparkling clean!

3. First Impressions – Spending $1000.00 can go a long way toward improving your home’s exterior. Get the outside of your house power-washed, paint the door, wash windows, and hire a gardener to give your yard some TLC and some coloring flowers.

4. First time home buyers are your friend – The most efficient way to market your home is to target the most likely buyers. Thanks to the flexibility to buy without the burden of selling another property and low interests rates.

5. Second home buyers- Snowbirds want a home that is turnkey and a big majority of the out of town buyers pay cash.

6. Online tricks will make your home pop – Buyers are faced with thousands of listings. Help them find yours by including in your description amenity keywords like “view,” “pool,” and “granite counters,” then make sure they like what they see by hiring a professional photographer to make your house look it’s best . Set your home at the lowest end of its price range.

7. Quick Close – It can take months for banks to approve a deal for a short sale or a foreclosed property. Make sure your agent lets potential buyers know you can close the deal within a few weeks.

Traditional sellers have the ability to be creative in negotiations. If a potential buyer is wavering, offer to pay part or all of the closing costs or cover a year’s worth of association fees. At the very least, consider throwing in a home warranty. After all, in this market no one is going to want a home that doesn’t seem like a good deal.

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