Get Your Home Sold in 6 Steps

Why don’t homes sell? It’s usually a combination of the 6 reasons below. As a home seller you have to be objective and try looking at your home through the eyes of a buyer. It’s not always easy to do, so that why talking to a professional that really understands your market area will help tremendously.

That is where my expertise come into play, I work in the real estate market day in, day out and I price homes for a living. I have sold over 200 homes since 2004 so I have the experience you are looking for. I am also married to a real estate appraiser so I think I have an edge on pricing your home to sell!  You can sell a home in any market but you must know what the market is doing and where it is going. Housing prices change and you have to be flexible if you really want to sell. Don’t sweat over the things you can’t change, instead concentrate on the things you can change and get your home SOLD!

1. LOCATION:  This is the one thing you can’t change. The most famous quote in real estate is “Location, location, location!” The pricing of your home must reflect its location.

2. CONDITION: The upkeep and condition of your property is crucial to obtain the highest price for your home in any given market at any given time. The pricing of your property must reflect its condition.

3 • PRICE: Price is the number one factor in the sale of a home. A property is really only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Price must be in direct relationship to the other five steps and is the most important of all. See what other homes are selling for in your neighborhood.


4 • TERMS: Price isn’t the only thing to consider. Closing dates, contingencies, concessions, and the amount of earnest money that is being put down are all important pieces of the transaction.

5 • THE MARKET: Interest rates, competition, and the economy are direct factors in determining the pricing of your property. Your price must reflect the current status of the market. You can’t change the market.

6 • STAGING: Homes that are prepared for sale sell quicker and for more money! Staging will immediately give your property a marketing edge in any market.

When all of the steps are followed…you have a sale! If  just one of them is out of line, it will take a longer time to sell. If you are interested in selling your Fountain Hills Real Estate call/ text me at 480 888 6708.  You’ll never be locked into a contract if you aren’t happy, see my guarantee here.

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