Should I Buy a Home Without a Pool?

As of today there are 26 homes for sale in Fountain Hills priced under $300,000. This is quite a few and out of the 26 only 2 have private pools. Not all buyers want a pool but for resale value in our area, I always suggest you buy a home with a pool , they always seem to sell faster.


Sellers whose homes don’t have a pool are under the impression that is a buyer wants a pool they can always put one in. The problem is that most buyers in that price range usually don’t have the cash to put one in and would have to finance it. If they are already financing a home, they may not get approved for a pool finance. The kicker is if you buy a home without a pool you will most likely spend approximately $25,000 or $30,000 to add a small play pool with decking and you won’t get that amount of money back when you resell the home.

So how much more do you pay for a home with a pool? Well it definitely depends on the price range but sometimes not much at all, maybe $5000 if you are buying a home under 300,000 but that also would depend on the home’s condition. Maybe you get a pool but the kitchen needs updating and another home has a great kitchen,what’s it worth to you?

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