Staging Your Fountain Hills Home on a Budget

Kitchen Counter with GraniteHome staging is when you prepare your home for sale, inside and out, focusing on layout and overall appearance. However, many Fountain Hills homeowners believe that in order to sell their home, they will have to spend big bucks to get it into shape to attract potential buyers.

There are many ways to set the stage for a smooth and quick sale of your home on a budget, with some time and creativity. Learn the benefits of staging your home and the ways you can change the look without spending a fortune.

1. Look Through the Eyes of a Buyer:  Ask yourself, “would I buy my house again as is?” What would you change? What made you buy this house and play up that special feature. That might be the exact reason a home buyer choses your home over another.
2.Cleanliness and Organization: Staging forces you to clear out cabinets, clean shelves, go through closets and pack up knick-knacks. You’ll have to do this anyway when you move so why not just do it early! This will save you from last minute stress and keep you organized.
3. Reduced Market Time: Staging makes it more likely that your house will sell quicker. Staging highlights the home best features which makes it more desirable to more buyers.
4. More Money: When you are selling your home and it stands out it’s easier to defend your asking price. Proper home staging can help you display all the reasons why they should pick your home!

Home staging is not just reserved for the inside. Curb appeal is the first impression and you want buyers to get just as excited to see the inside.

If this wasn’t your home and you were simply walking by, what would you think? Do you see sparse landscaping? Does the area around the entry way look dull and in need of some color?

Remember, home staging is about presenting your home in a way that appeals to a broad range of people so that you can sell your home quickly and for the best price.

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