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Even in this highly competitive market, you could find your Fountain Hills home sitting on the market month after month. The biggest reason your home doesn’t sell is price. Professional photos, online marketing, staging can make a huge impact but if you aren’t priced in the “sweet spot” your home could very well languish on the market.

16357 Arrow Dr-Spacious and 10" ceilings

16357 Arrow Dr-Spacious and 10″ ceilings

Four things happen when your home goes to market.

1. No showings

2. Few showings but no offers

3. Lots of showings and no offers

4. Lots of showings and offers

1. Your home is not priced right. Your home does not have a set price, it has a price range. Your list price should be your best choice within a range. A price that makes you stand out from the competition. Determining a price is based on many factors, such as past sales within the last 6 months, your current competition and buyers urgency. Real estate changes daily and if you’re unwilling to be flexible on your price to get buyers through the front door, maybe it’s not a good time for you to sell.

2.Your home is not in showing condition. Make sure all of the necessary fixes and repairs are done. Clean and, remove as much clutter from your home as you can. You want potential buyers to come in and imagine themselves living there. Don’t make them want to run right back out of the door. If there is something that is preventing a sale, change it if you can.

I live and work in Fountain Hills and I absolutely love it! Do you have equity in your home? Home values are up and homes are selling quickly. I work closely with a certified residential appraiser to help determine that sweet spot price range for your home. Contact me today for a complimentary price evaluation.

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