View from Alta Vista1

Most Wanted- Popular Places to Live near the Fountain

Fountain Hills is a great community no matter where you choose to live, but there are 6 communities that stand out in my mind as extremely popular places to live near the fountain and in high demand. Morningside patio homes, Lakeside patio homes, Arriba Del Lago, Fountainhead, Diamante Del Lago, and Alta Vista.  If you see a home come up for sale in any of […]

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Fountain Hills AZ- Fountain

Budget Cuts- Famous Fountain Hills Fountain

There is discussion from the town council about changing the Fountain’s operating times to cut the budget  As of now the Fountain spurts water every hour on the hour for 15 minutes, 7 days a week between the hours of 9 am – 9 pm . The proposed changes would help the town of Fountain Hills reduce costs in the budget. The community Service Director […]

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What’s the Big Deal About the Fountain Hills Fountain?

I have lived in Fountain Hills AZfor almost two years and still get quite the thrill when I see the famous fountain jetting it massive force of water into the air. Such a beautiful exhibit of beauty with its canvas of sweeping mountain ranges in the distance. My husband always says the same thing “thar she blows” with a funny little accent. Fountain Hills fountain […]

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