Fountain Hills Housing Market Trends for Dec 2014

The current state of the Fountain Hills housing market is that prices remain stable. I noticed an increase in sales here in the last couple weeks as people who are serious sellers and buyers want to finish off the year in a new home. as always in Fountain Hills, the home itself may determine if it’s a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Homes with views […]

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market conditions in 2014

Phoenix Market is NOT in a Slump!

Forget everything you are hearing about our Phoenix real estate market being in a slump.Yes things have slowed down from the previous couple years but don’t freak out, the market is just becoming balanced! At the beginning of 2014 we started off with lots of  inventory and now it seems we are coming up short on new listings which should hopefully increase come fall. We are just […]

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fountain hills market update aug

Fountain Hills Market Update Aug 1 2014

There is never a dull moment in real estate as it changes daily!  We have been in a very subdued market lately and now we are seeing things turn again.   Some sellers have been getting gloomier as the realization sets in that 2014 is very different from 2013. However the worst time for sellers looks like it is in the rear view mirror for […]

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Fountain Hills Rental market is on the rise

Housing Inventory Dwindling Again

I can’t seem to keep up, just as soon as I do my quarterly market update saying there is more inventory than last year at this time I read today that the market index popped back into the neutral zone (90 to 100) today with a reading of 90.2., is housing inventory dwindling again? What does this mean?  If the market index goes above 100, the market favors […]

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phoenix metro market report july3

Phoenix Metro Market Report July 2014

The dollar volume for homes under $100,000 sunk to just 1.3% of the market in June. A year ago it was double this at 2.6% and a year before that it was 7.8% and in 2011 it was 15.4% The rapid evaporation of the market below $100,000 (both in supply and demand) has had a very positive impact on the median sales price. Actual home […]

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RealEstateFountainHills.com cash Buyers

What’s Your Fountain Hills Home Worth?

Generally speaking, Inventory is still increasing all over the valley and  buyer demand is lower than normal. In most years the demand in March is far too strong for active listings to increase but not this year. Usually once the spring buying fever eases, usually sometime in June, active listings start piling up again and continue increasing until the end of November. The fact that […]

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Save money Fountain Hills Real Estate

Interest Rates Are Headed DOWN!!

In the last couple years we have seen price increases anywhere from 20-40% on most homes in the valley, and unfortunately an increase in interest rates. Fountain Hills homes saw an appreciation of 16%  in 2013. At the beginning of 2013 “industry experts” predicted interest rates would continue to increase. Yesterday , the news broke that interest rates were actually moving DOWN and approaching 4% […]

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Fountain Hills Housing Market

Fountain Hills Real Estate- Finally a Balanced Market!

Where is the market  headed? To understand the direction the housing market is  headed you have to understand the 8 market indicators and what they mean. These indicators  tend to fall like dominoes in a deteriorating market and recover in the same sequence in an improving market. The first 6 indicators have already shown us that the real estate market for sellers has really deteriorated […]

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Fountain Hills Contract Ratio

Fountain Hills Real Estate-Slow Down in Buyer Demand

The real estate market sure has been keeping us all on our toes these last few years. The last 2 1/2 years have been a great ride for the Phoenix area and many cities across the country but now the tide is turning. From the beginning of 2013 to about Aug/Sept we were seeing very low levels of inventory. In the last couple months the […]

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Diamante Del Lago

Fountain Hills AZ Real Estate- No Longer a Seller’s Market

Real estate across the valley is changing dramatically day by day. The last few years have been very volatile with  housing prices hitting bottom in the summer of 2011 to the  rapid increase of appreciation during 2012. As of today we are seeing more of a balanced market and even a buyer’s market in some communities. Sellers have been sitting in the driver’s seat for […]

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