“The Greening of Downtown” Fountain Hills AZ

Fountain Hills AzWhile I was enjoying my morning walk around Fountain Park in Fountain Hill AZ, and taking in the awesome views of the mountains, it hit me that I am really living in paradise. My husband and I moved here two years ago after living in the suburbs of Chicago. With an abundance of sunshine almost every day, I hate to say I almost wish for a cloudy day. Even the hot summers are more bearable to me than those lousy winters and all the snow. We just absolutely love it!

The park with it’s main attraction the “Famous Fountain”  is a draw for local residents and tourist alike. With help from a community of givers who band together to get things done The “Greening of Downtown”  was suggested by the citizens as a first step in keeping Fountain Hills green. This is a  private/public cooperative with the town of Fountain Hills and is implemented by private donations and grants that pay for the trees and landscaping in this project. Civic and social groups, charitable trusts, and businesses have stepped in to help to donate time and funds to improvements that are needed to keep Fountain Hills a tourism hub. Your tax- deductible donations are always welcome to transform bare walkways, and add native species wildflower gardens to the landscape. So far donations are nearly 80,000 and with continued private support of the ‘buy a leaf’ promotion we can keep Fountain Park as beautiful as ever!

By giving today, you have the opportunity to help beautify our downtown area for the future and bring new vitality to our core business and entertainment district. You may select a level of giving and purchase a stainless steel leaf which will be placed in an appropriate area, or become one of our Silver, Gold, or Platinum donors, and be honored with a custom-made plaque. Select the size commemorative leaf that fits your message and budget, submit a donation today.

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