The New Consumer- Real Estate Reality

The real estate industry had gone through dramatic changes in the last 10 years and consumers have different needs when searching for Fountain Hills homes for sale. With the evolution of the Internet, home buyers no longer need an agent to provide them with home sales data, market trends or mortgage rates. Home buyers find everything they need online and basically like to be left alone to do their own research.

Most buyers these days especially those under 40 want a Realtor to handle the paperwork details and make sure everything goes smoothly, not someone who is going to give them any hard sale tactics. Well who is for that matter. I don’t like to be sold so why would I put that pressure on anyone else? I surely appreciate an educated buyer. They have already done the research so now they just need to see the merchandise which in this case are the homes. It definitely makes my life easier and in turn we can focus right in on the house hunt. Not to say I don’t get into other aspects of the real estate world as we develop a working relationship but knowing the basics when starting out helps tremendously! You see it takes both the buyer and the agent to make the transaction come together not one or the other. There have been times that I have worked with a buyer where they put no effort into the home search at all. They don’t even know the community they want to live in. They want me to do all the research. That in turn makes my job that much harder and I am educating them not only on but pricing, market trends, and so on. I have plenty of information right here on my website to get you started and if you can’t find it here just let me know what you need and I will lead you in the right direction.

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