The Wild Life in Fountain Hills AZ

There are many reasons I love living in Fountain Hills  but one is that there is so much wildlife so close to home. Natural desert arroyos provides an excellent habitat to see all types of wildlife right outside your door.  When I first moved to Arizona I was surprised when I saw my first javelina, they were like the size of a small dog. I had heard them described as part of the pig family so I assumed they would be smaller. After doing some research I realized javelinas are not wild pigs but are actually members of the “peccary” family that originated in South America. They have become accustomed to being in close proximity to humans and will generally ignore people. If you try to approach them. they will simply leave the area, but if provoked and threatened they’ve been known to defend themselves with their long, sharp tusks. Here is a video I captured when we were living at our condo.

Just the other day I saw a bobcat climbing the fence wall while making it’s way out to the street. Bobcats are found throughout Arizona at all elevations and landscape from the desert to rocky and forested areas. Since neighborhoods are continually expanding into wildlife territory, it is not unusual to find bobcats lounging and napping in backyards under bushes and vegetation, or to see coyotes roaming the streets whether it be day or night. Coyotes are found throughout Arizona and are one of the state’s most common wild animals. Other wildlife around town are the cottontail rabbit, tree squirrels, coots, burrowing owl, gambel’s quail and turkey vultures.

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