Things to Love about Living in Arizona!

My husband and I moved to Fountain Hills Arizona from the Chicago area in 2010. It has been a complete lifestyle change and moving away from the cold and gloom was one of the best decisions we ever made. I really believe people are happier where the sun always shines.  Here are few of the things that we love about living in Arizona!

1. Low Frequency of Rain: The rain never seems to be a factor in planning your outdoor activities. I remember living in the Midwest and worrying  if the rain was going to ruin my outdoor plans.  You could never count on not having rain. We average about 9 inches of rainfall a year here in the Fountain Hills, Scottsdale area. Most of the rain comes in the early morning or late afternoon. We never get socked into days of rain like in the Midwest and you can pretty much be certain it won’t put a damper on your outdoor event.

2. The “Dry Heat”: We have very low humidity here in the Fountain Hills, Scottsdale area, sometimes it’s only gets to 9%. Yes, it gets HOT but really, 110 with 9% humidity is much better than 100 degrees with 90% humidity which can occur in other parts of the country. During the monsoon season the humidity does tend to increase tho, but it’s only for a few months.

3. We Don’ t Change our Clocks: We don’t have Daylight Saving Time. I love not having  to change our clocks, the only exception in Arizona is the Navajo Nation, in northeastern Arizona, which does observe Daylight Saving Time. Arizona is on mountain standard time.

4. Snow is Far Enough Away: Well I don’t like the snow but some people who were born and raised here are fascinated by it. Just a short 2 hour drive from the Fountain Hill/Scottsdale area and you can be in snow country. The annual snowfall in Flagstaff averages 100.3 inches, placing Flagstaff among the snowiest incorporated cities in the United States.

5. Traffic is Minimal: You can get almost anywhere in 30- 40 minutes. Yes there is a rush hour in Phoenix but nothing like you would see in some of the other big cities. I live in Fountain Hills which can take 15 minutes just to get to the loop 101, but if you are centrally located in Scottsdale or Phoenix you can get to Downtown Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix easily in 30 minutes.

6.  Popular Destinations a Few Hours Away: You can get to San Diego in 5 hours, Las Vegas in 4.5 hours, Grand Canyon 4-5 hours, Lake Havasu in 3 hours, Sedona, Prescott and Flagstaff approximately 2 hours, Rocky Point Mexico is 4-5 hours away. If you just want to get to a cooler climate in the summer you can also head up to Show Low, Pine, and other mountain communities in a matter of 90 minutes to a few hours.

7. Beautiful Sunsets: One of the nicest things about living in the desert are the beautiful sunsets. Arizona is renowned for its spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Other than tropical regions, the deserts are noted for creating some of the most colorful real life art works of nature.

I could go on and on about what I love about Arizona but the best part is our winter weather. From early October until at least mid-May it is the nicest you’ll ever imagine. If shorts, t-shirts and a light sweater are your thing, you’ll be at home here in the desert. Come visit Arizona for the beautiful winter weather, and you’ll never want to leave.

Having hearing all the good things about Arizona I might have peaked your interest on possibly moving here. If you want information on the Fountain Hills, Scottsdale real estate market, you can call 480 888 6708 or email me anytime.

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