Top 25 Phoenix Metro Area Employers

Phoenix AZ Metro Area


Phoenix is the 6th largest US city with transferees arriving from every state. The  metro area has a diverse list of large companies, three (Walmart, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase) which made Fortune magazine’s 2010 world’s 50 most admired companies list. Below are the top 25 metro employers in the Phoenix area.


State of Arizona 50,000 employees

Wal-Mart Stores Inc 20,292 employees

Banner Health Systems 27,753 employees

City of Phoenix 17,000 employees

Wells Fargo 14,000 employees

Maricopa County 14,000 employees

Arizona State University 13,000 employees

Apollo Group Inc. 12,460 employees

Raytheon 12,149 employees

McDonalds 11,815 employees

Kroger 11,581 employees

Bank Of America 11,000 employees

Honeywell Aerospace 10,500 employees

U.S. Postal Office 10,000 employees

JPMorgan Chase & Co. 9,890 employees

Intel Corp 9700 employees

Target 9650 employees

Mesa Public Schools 9000 employees

US Airways 8776 employees

Bashas 8500 employees

Luke Air Force Base 8000 employees

Walgreen Co 7812 employees

Catholic Healthcare West 7754 employees

HomeDepot 7650 employees

Safeway 7502 employees

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  • Source:The Arizona Republic, AZ


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