What is the Average Rainfall in Fountain Hills AZ?

Fountain Hills Arizona is located in the Sonoran desert and deserts are very dry, so I often get asked, does it rain much in Fountain Hills and the surrounding areas? The answer is yes, it rains in Fountain Hills. The Sonoran Desert is actually one of the wettest deserts in the world, with two “rainy” seasons, December through March and July to Mid September which is considered the “monsoon season”  where humid air surges in from the Gulf of California. The monsoon can bring strong winds, large hail, and sometimes a tornado but that is rare. Winter storms moving inland from the Pacific Ocean occasionally produce significant rains but occur infrequently.

When I moved here from Chicago and I heard about the monsoon season, I sort of laughed considering the extreme weather conditions in the Midwest, I felt I could handle about anything. I was curious about what was to come. I expected huge downpours and rolling tumble weeds, something right out of a wild west movie. It turned out to be much more subdued than I expected. The dust storms are pretty amazing to watch and I would not want to be out driving on one but the rain fall is nothing compared to what I am accustomed to. Chicago can get 8 inches of rainfall in a day and on average that is what Phoenix gets in a year. Below is a chart to give you an idea of how the Phoenix Metro area measures up.

Comparable Cities Rainfall


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