What to Look for When Getting a Home Inspection?

When you hire a home inspection don’t worry if you don’t know what you are suppose to be looking for, leave that to the  professional home inspector.Your home inspector will be able to point out anything with the home that has been neglected as well as give you a time frame for when certain problems will need attention.I always recommend you get a home inspection when purchasing a home. The cost is minimal and it gives you peace of mind knowing that the home you are buying is what you expect. Here are 8 important things that your home inspector should cover when doing the home inspection.

1.Exterior: The lay of the land as far as any sloping towards the home that may gather water and cause fountain problems in the future. Are the exterior wall of the home cracked, wood beams split, patios or driveway should signs of chipping or cracks?

2.Pool: A home inspector can visually inspect the pool and pump. etc but  to really get a more complete  inspection, hire a licensed pool inspector.

3. Structural: Structural aspects include the foundation, support structures (like beams), and framing, among others. Cracks in the foundation, improper structural engineering and things that could potentially make the home unsafe will all be evaluated.

4. Plumbing: How is the water pressure. Is the plumbing up to code or does it need to be updated?.Does the property have proper shut offs for water and gas supply lines? Is there proper drainage?

5. Heating and Cooling: All the controls and thermostats, filters, ductwork and pumps will be checked to see if everything is working correctly and had been maintained.

6. Major Appliances: The appliances that are staying with the home should all be in working order.

7. Roofing: A roof inspection will determine the condition and if there is any water leakage past or present. Also your inspector should be able to tell you approximately how long before the roof will need to be replaced.

8. Electrical: Is your home safe? Yany safety concerns with the electrical wiring. Also are there working smoke detectors? A professional home inspector will also let you know if the electrical wiring is up to code.

Your home inspection will usually take a couple hours depending on the size of the house. You should try to be present when the inspector is evaluating your home so they can verbally explain what he or she is looking at and for. You’ll be given a detailed, written report along with pictures within 24-48 hours.

These services cost at least several hundred dollars again depending on size of home, age of home and extras such as septic systems and wells, pools and termite inspections.

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