Morningside Patio Homes- Sales in 2014

Morningside Patio Homes are in great demand and are located near the Fountain. Over the last few years the sales have been really far and few between but in 2014 there were 10 sales. This is what sold in Morningside in 2014

Morningside Sold Homes 2014

The 10th sale- Seller sold their home “for sale by owner” but a Realtor brought in the buyer. It was a beautiful home, all updated and backed up to the wash, It closed at $328,000. The majority of these homes have not been updated, except the home located at 12134 N Finch Dr so you can understand why it sold at $312,000.

The morningside community is where I make my home. If you are interested in learning more about the morningside community feel free to contact me via email or call/text me at 480 888 6708.

Here are a few homes for sale close to the fountain

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